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12 February 2009


Staci Burruel

“The paradigm shift that social media has created for brands is significant and marketers who are not embracing social media need to take notice.” – That is absolutely correct! Although social media marketing is considered a new concept in the marketing field, it already created a buzz in terms of promotion and customer engagement. And to keep up with the fast-paced movement in the marketing world, marketers need to learn how to incorporate this method into their promotion plan.

Kevin Beamer

I agree with Staci. Don’t allow your business to get left behind. You should get yourself involved in the social media world. Do your best to take advantage of those platforms and do everything you can for your business to keep up with your competitors. In today’s business trend, you should learn how to keep up or else you’ll lose.

Glenn Evans

“The changing world of online conversations results in significant movements up and down for brands.” – Absolutely true! The online community is emerging. New ideas and concepts are coming out every now and then, and that is why it is important for companies to be up-to-date with their ways and techniques so they can keep up with these changes.

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